Step by Step Strategy

Restoring a Shattered Nation by the Power of the Lord

Mission: Our goal is to serve as a HUB, with a PLAN, to unite Christians in America for joint and massive impact for the kingdom and for America.

The Invitation: To all current fasting and prayer initiatives, churches and pastors, Christian television, radio, Biblically based organizations, politicians, celebrities, etc. and to believers in America.

The Call: To return to Jesus, Christ as first love, and to a deep, heart-felt and tangible understanding of His all-consuming love for each of us, as individuals, that will move us to a desire to repent and live for Him. This will be done by NO man or group, but by the Lord, and yet, everyone. He will receive ALL glory.

Overview: A focused and consistent, unified and repetitive presentation from leaders. Teaching will bring us to understanding of the all-encompassing love God has for each of us, the path of destruction we have been participating in … drawing us to widespread sincere, personal repentance; that leading to comprehension of the need for and participation in national repentance, thanksgiving and worship.

Foundation: Enormous, ongoing amount of concerted prayer, on a scale never before experienced in this country, will cover the entire time period via various, united prayer initiatives. Prayer warriors and intercessors will join specifically for this covering, for the duration of this specific time. The focus and prayer will be very specific as the Holy Spirit leads, draws, unites, convicts and moves the nation. Sounds of worship will rise at ongoing, scheduled, committed times, as an offering of praise, at the same times thousands are praying … all across America. There will be the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and praying, clapping, dancing.

Events: We will launch initially, prepare, teach, continuing unification over a year and a half, culminating with a massive nationwide, public day devoted to the Lord in the streets in Washington DC, Times Square, Los Angeles, Dallas, Colorado Springs, etc. This will follow a period of nationwide introspection, fasting, repentance, praise and thanksgiving – done privately or quietly with the Lord or in fellowship in homes, churches, etc. and immediately preceding Election Day, 2016. On the day of public proclamation, people will also be praying, crying out to the Lord from their churches, city halls, homes, lawns, work places. This will be the largest cry out of repentance, praise and worship and thanksgiving to the Lord the world has ever seen. I believe locations will spring up across America. Praise and worship will be offered locally in the streets and churches and homes, from sea to shining sea. I hear church bells ringing throughout the cities. I believe people will hear the sound all over the land. And it will spread as a wave according to time zones from east to west. I believe, and we can encourage (perhaps strongly influencing who chooses to run and the final outcome) the newly elected president of the United States of America to publicly commit America back to God and proclaim additional days of festivities, thanksgiving and feasting and future days of repentance, etc. as needed – nationally … from the office of authority.

New Differences:

Unified, massive, powerful prayer will have completely covered this, choices will have been exposed as sin in their (our) own hearts and lives; how that has impacted the nation, revealed – convicting and leading people to engage. They know exactly what to do, have been prepared in heart and mind and have been aware of it and drawing closer to the Lord, for months. “Everyone” is doing this and people feel safe because leaders and others they already trust are involved, and have been, calling for it and uniting. There are many specific steps that we can include to help support the understanding and heart changes of individuals that will be included in discussions April 18th and as we move forward.
Lightening speed communication that can reach audiences in multiple ways. Platforms and contacts are already in place. If everyone will simply … PAUSE, INSERT, RESUME … We can unite and pull this together in a way that has never been done. Believers across the nation are ready.

Basic Step by Step Plan: This is as I have received it thus far. This plan, and all we do, is subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Changes may come, and are welcomed, as HE leads, teaches, shows and directs per our joint prayer, seeking, hearing and planning.

Marketing 101 – Publicize it Over and Over, Repeatedly.
People see and hear the SAME message, everywhere . . . All Day Long

Pause, Insert, Resume. Continue doing what you have been called to do. Everyone initially, prayerfully unites on an agreed upon plan of action, using the (God given) established platforms and unique calls and talents to share the same info via: Social Media Posts, Email Lists, Calendars, Broadcasts, PSA Announcements, Contacts/Resources, Methods, Ongoing Plans – Same Message, Same Time calling America to repentance, fasting, worship and a return to following Jesus as our first love.

1.) Prayer initiatives unite in prayer for the nation, for a specified period of time and   focus (that will move to support what we are doing as one unified body of Christ as the Lord leads) adding to numbers of intercessors. There will be one central “gathering place,” where all the initiatives are listed and united. Will introduce plan /concept to bring to create together and will discuss with leaders to.  This covering is what will create unity never seen before, desires in the hearts of individuals to listen,
receive teaching and desire to unify and repent. Teams forming now. Critical, essential piece.

2.) Introduction of basic concept to leaders, ministry, politicians, media, celebrities, etc. taking place now.
3.) Formal Invitations will be sent to leaders to join us as our guests on April 17, 2015 in Colorado Springs for a Formal Dinner/Gathering. The gathering will include a social element, entertainment,  unexpected, unique guest speakers, overview, formal details, Q&A. Enjoyable, heart warming and entertaining.

4.) Invitations will also be included for leaders to participate the following day in Fasting, Praying and Planning at a retreat in the mountains (as our guests) where we will bond, pray for unity and be  together with the Lord. As the Holy Spirit leads, we will break to create a plan to encourage massive  personal & nationwide repentance, resolve concerns and issues and cement details. I have an  outline as I believe the Lord has shown and encourage all thoughts and ideas. The Holy Spirit will give us the final plan, details and work out potentially conflicting ideas and areas of concern.

5.) Everything will be created to include in emails, tweets, on Facebook, etc. and be pre-approved by  all, then scheduled for release. Just “drop it in” campaigns, emails, tag lines, etc. We will help get  voice overs created from celebrities, schedule media appearances, etc. We will assist in setting  up talk show interviews with those that wish to participate and see this as being a place where two or several leaders appear together making a united call, esp. where the audience wouldn’t generally expect to see/hear a united plea from these particular individuals. Everything will be  pre-approved between us all – this is from the Lord. I believe He has revealed that this is going
to done in a way that has never been done before. A new thing. Surprising, even!

6.) As we BEGIN our year and a half period of time, in which we teach (drenched in prayer to open hearts across the nation) believers first and foremost how to pursue Jesus as first love, how to feel and experience the magnificent love of God, about the power and joy and peace that comes with dependence and obedience to the Word, how and why America is in the state we are in, about our part, what we, as Christians, can do about it, about true repentance and  fasting, about why and importance of personal repentance leading next to national repentance  and culminating on a nationwide scale just prior to the election in 2016.

7.) Prayer initiatives unite to ask their Prayer Warriors to add these topics for consistent, ongoing spiritual warfare, adding more and more people and uniting in prayer targets.

8.) Worship Teams begin to praise and worship at specific times, joining prayer teams as we send offering of praise to Him.

9.) Ministry Leaders make initial, united announcement.
10.) Radio, TV, Ministries come on board making the same announcement and sharing the love and unity we are moving in.

11.) Celebrities come on board with TV, radio appearances and/or voice overs for radio in support.

12.) All begin to tweet, post, text, email, etc. the initial announcement.

Next …. We move in the same united manner according to the calendar/agenda for EACH STEP, utilizing the agreed upon plan established via revelation during planning session in Colorado Springs, April 18, 2015.

“We” all know this is what needs to happen. What do we need to bring it to fruition? Complete dependence on the HOLY SPIRIT, as we listen and move with His leading and . . . A PLAN, LEADERS and COMMUNICATION.

I believe that, though we have a longer window to prepare than they did (Lord willing), we will ultimately emulate Jehoshaphat’s behavior and dependence on God for Judah as recorded in 1 Chronicles 20. They, an we, are in a time of national fear and potential trauma and ruin.

Again, this is a nationwide movement, based on fasting, prayer and supplication and is a Holy Spirit led directive … not a concrete business plan. That said, we ARE prayerfully listening, working within this fluid plan that belongs to the Lord. He IS moving this forward rapidly in a mighty and powerful way.

I welcome your thoughts, prayers and anything the Lord leads you to share, your personal input and names or contacts of people you think would be interested. I am currently traveling quite a bit, as the Lord leads, to make presentations and am available for conference calls, as well. Remember, please … I am not leading this or starting a new thing, but serving as a HUB. I am sharing with you a plan to help us ALL unite in what people are already doing separately, what we all know needs to happen and have been praying for. Huge platforms have been built. The time is now.

My requests of you:

Prayerfully consider what I have shared. Pray with others about it. Seek the Lord about your possible involvement and ways we can more completely unite people. Share ideas He gives you. Ask that the Holy Spirit begin to draw, convict and unite the body of Christ, individuals and leaders.
Spread the word as the Lord leads. I am available for online or live meetings thought the country or by conference call.
Save the dates – April 17 & 18th – and plan to join me in Colorado Springs. You will also be receiving a formal invitation.

May the Lord raise up this nation and restore His people. May the NATIONS see that the Lord is God and that HE responds and moves when His people repent and cry out and give Him glory and praise. May He stir the hearts of the people and the leaders across America to love and unity.

Blessings, in the mighty name of Jesus,

Cindy Lynne

P.S. I am currently just learning to build blogs, websites, social media campaigns, create graphics, etc. Please, bear with me as the Lord instructs and leads.


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